Our Team

Dr. Simon Cripps

Executive Director, Marine Conservation

Dr. Howard Rosenbaum

Director, Ocean Giants

Dr. Emily Darling

Director, Coral Conservation

Dr. Merry Camhi

Director, New York Seascape

Dr. Hoyt Peckham

Director, Small-Scale Fisheries

Luke Warwick

Associate Director, Sharks and Rays

Jeanne Brown

Senior Program Manager, Area-Based Conservation

Jada Tullos Anderson

Program Manager, Small-Scale Fisheries

Adria Defalco

Business and Grants Manager

Haley Williams

Marine Communications Manager

Dana Tricarico

Program Manager, Sharks and Rays

Stephen Martinelli

Program Manager, 30x30 Ocean Accelerator

Noah Chesnin

Associate Director, NY Seascape

Dr. Amelia Wenger

Associate Conservation Scientist, Coral Reef Conservation

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