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Wildlife is worth fighting for. Our community is growing strong and it will take all of us to protect the species and places we love.

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Tell Congress to do its part for tigers and other endangered species.

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China Announces Ivory Ban

The country said it would shut down its domestic ivory trade in 2017—potentially a big step for Africa's elephants.

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Sounds of the City Below

Majestic whales inhabit the waters off New York, but much about them remains a mystery. Come along as we dive into their world.

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Save a Rare Gorilla

At any moment, bulldozers in Nigeria could plow through some of the Cross River gorilla's only remaining habitat. Together with local indigenous groups, we're speaking out.

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Great News

President Obama has signed the END Wildlife Trafficking Act into law. Let's say thanks.

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Going Fast

Cheetahs are in more trouble than we previously thought, says a new report. Help us spread the word on Facebook.


Support Endangered Species

Tell Congress to only vote for budgets that fight poaching and wildlife trafficking.

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Our incredible community of wildlife champions stops at nothing to save wildlife. Take a look at some of our key victories and important milestones from our campaigns.

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Stand for Wildlife

Join more than one million wildlife lovers working to save the Earth's most treasured and threatened species. (Oh, and get a free sticker.)

Stand for Wildlife

Join a community of over one million people helping protect the wildlife and places we love.

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