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Wildlife is worth fighting for. Our community is growing strong and it will take all of us to protect the species and places we love.

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Reduce the Risk

The commercial trade in wildlife (particularly mammals and birds) for human consumption creates conditions that can lead to pandemics such as COVID-19. Tell Congress to end it.

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Tell Congress: Endangered Species Need Help

More than 27,000 species are threatened with extinction. These animals need all the help they can get, and the Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act would be a lifeline for them.

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Restore the American Bison

We have an unmissable opportunity in the United States to bring about the ecological and cultural restoration of the American bison, also known as the buffalo.

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Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums Need Emergency Support

Urge your members of Congress to support nonprofit zoos, aquariums, and museums responding to the economic impacts of the pandemic.

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Hold the Line for Wildlife

The Administration has proposed budget cuts that could prove devastating to tigers, elephants, rhinos, and countless other species.

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Natural Security

Targeted U.S. investment in international conservation efforts contributes to America’s long-term foreign policy objectives and enhances U.S. economic and national security interests around the globe.

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Tell Your Representatives: Amphibians Need Help

All over the world, amphibians are suffering from unprecedented population crashes. In many cases, they are facing nothing less than an extinction crisis.

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Making An Impact

Our incredible community of wildlife champions stops at nothing to save wildlife. Take a look at some of our key victories and important milestones from our campaigns.

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We Stand for Wildlife

Join more than one million wildlife lovers working to save the Earth's most treasured and threatened species.