Don't Look Away

The current administration is seeking to cut funding to the U.S. State Department and to USAID programs that protect endangered animals. If we divert our attention, we may lose them forever.

Success in Niassa

It's been a full 12 months since an elephant was poached in Mozambique's Niassa National Reserve. The massive protected area was plagued by rampant wildlife crime just a few years ago.

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25 Years

Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, managed in partnership by WCS, Republic of Congo, and local communities, is arguably the most advanced and demonstrably successful conservation model of its kind in Africa.

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On Mount Everest

WCS's Dr. Tracie Seimon, a molecular biologist, conducted biodiversity surveys on a National Geographic expedition to the world's highest peak.

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Our Statement on the Crisis

“We must—now, not later—look to our humanity to find a path to be stewards and protectors of our only home,” said WCS EVP for Conservation and Science Dr. John Robinson.

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One Planet Sustains Us

Millions of interconnected species depend on Earth. We must rise and face the environmental challenges of our time. Watch the video that debuted at the WCS Gala at the Central Park Zoo.

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In the news

June 18, 2019 | CNN

A Year Without Poaching

It's been 12 months since an elephant was poached in Mozambique's Niassa National Reserve.

June 11, 2019 | Euractiv

Will the EU Act?

The public gets it, writes WCS's Janice Weatherley-Singh. Will recently elected officials take bold steps to address biodiversity loss?

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