WCS Trustees & Senior Management

Board of Trustees

“The world’s biodiversity is facing threats from all angles. Wilderness areas are vanishing and fauna and flora species are facing extinction like never before. The team at WCS is relentless in its efforts in this urgent fight to preserve nature for wildlife and humanity. I am honored to have been elected by the WCS trustees as Chair.”

Alejandro Santo Domingo, Chair

Board Officers

Alejandro Santo Domingo

Hamilton E. James
Vice Chair

Thomas J. Edelman

Elizabeth Ainslie

Elected Trustees

Elizabeth Ainslie

Neil Barr

Rosina M. Bierbaum

Duncan A. Chapman

Katherine L. Dolan

Thomas J. Edelman

Christopher J. Elliman

Paul A. Gould

Peter T. Grauer

Jonathan D. Green

Antonia M. Grumbach

O. Andreas Halvorsen

Judith H. Hamilton

Jan Hatzius

John N. Irwin III

Hamilton E. James

Trevor Kempner

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Ambrose K. Monell

Adebayo O. Ogunlesi

Alejandro Santo Domingo

Juan Manuel Santos

David B "Scott" Schiff

Walter C. Sedgwick

Katherine Sherrill

Caroline N. Sidnam

Loretta M. Stadler

Andrew H. Tisch

Marcel van Poecke

Akiko Yamazaki

Robert B. Zoellick

Ex Officio Trustees

Eric Adams
Mayor of the City of New York

Brad Lander
Comptroller of the City of New York

Adrienne E. Adams
Speaker, New York City Council

Susan M. Donoghue
Commissioner, Department of Parks
and Recreation, City of New York

Laurie Cumbo
Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of New York

Vanessa L. Gibson
President, Borough of the Bronx

Antonio Reynoso
President, Borough of Brooklyn

Life Trustees

C. Diane Christensen

Howard Phipps, Jr.
Chair Emeritus

David T Schiff
Chair Emeritus

Mrs. Leonard N. Stern

Ward W. Woods
Chair Emeritus

Barbara Hrbek Zucker

Trustees Emeriti

Frederick W. Beinecke

Eleanor Briggs

Jonathan L. Cohen

Gordon E. Dyal

Bradley L. Goldberg

Brian J. Heidtke

WCS Council

The WCS Council brings together a core of WCS supporters to help advance our mission and provide leadership support as we expand our programs and initiatives.

John Barabino

Ambassador Barbara Barrett
and Craig Barrett

Michelle Clayton

Diana Dowling

Gillian Hearst

Angela C. Huang

Justin F. Korsant

Patricia and Alan Koval

Terry and Bob Lindsay

Eugene R. McGrath

Shweta Rawat

Alexander T. Robertson

Mara Talpins

Pamela M. Thye

Robin van Bokhorst

WCS Senior Management

Robert G. "Robb" Menzi
Interim President and Chief Executive Officer; Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

James J. Breheny
Executive Vice President & General Director, Zoos and Aquarium, and Jonathan Little Cohen Director of the Bronx Zoo

John F. Calvelli
Executive Vice President for Public Affairs

Paula Hayes
Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Resources

Joseph Walston
Executive Vice President for Global Conservation

Mary A. Dixon
Senior Vice President for Communications

Christopher J. McKenzie, Esq.
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Deputy Secretary

Laura Stolzenthaler
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

A more complete listing of WCS's worldwide leadership is contained in WCS's Annual Report.

As of April 2024

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