96 Elephants

We cannot be the generation that allows elephants to disappear. Yet each day that passes represents another 96 gone. Pledge your support for their future.

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China Announces Ivory Ban

The country said it would shut down its domestic ivory trade in 2017—potentially a big step for Africa's elephants.

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Be an Elephant Hero

Last year, poachers killed 35,000 elephants for their tusks. We're facing an all-out crisis. But we have a simple threefold strategy to save them: Stop the killing. Stop the trafficking. Stop the demand.


Stop the Superhighway

At a recent meeting, the Nigerian government verbally agreed to reroute the superhighway away from critical rainforest. But the road would still cut through Cross River National Park.

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Terminate the demand

Watch out ivory poachers. Now The Terminator's mad. The campaign has a powerful ally in former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Take a Stand

Music legend Billy Joel lent his unmistakable voice to support elephants for this recent video.

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