96 Elephants

96 elephants are killed every day in Africa.

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Together we’ve accomplished

Two Important Bans

The U.S. government banned the sale of ivory in 2016. Months later, China promised to do the same.

The END Wildlife Trafficking Act

In 2016, we helped get this key legislation passed. It’s the most significant U.S. anti-wildlife trafficking legislation ever and it sends a powerful message to world leaders.

Millions of Actions

All told, we’ve taken nearly two million actions. Everything from petitions to calls to legislators to yoga and even origami, all for elephants.

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Protect These Elephants

Stop the Killing

Despite public outcry, poaching operations continue to grow in scale and sophistication, terrorizing and threatening not just wildlife but people too.

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Stop the Trafficking

The ivory trade generates millions of dollars, which goes in part to support criminal syndicates that have been linked to extremist groups.

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Stop the Demand

The majority of illegal ivory ends up as pointless trinkets and carvings, which are sold in markets around the world.

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WCS is a world leader in wildlife conservation


We have field conservation operations in close to 60 nations and all the world’s oceans and we have supported the creation or expansion of roughly 245 protected areas.


We are leading the charge in the fight against wildlife trafficking, working hand-in-hand with law enforcement around the world to end the trade.


We work in 12 African countries that have elephants. We oversee ranger teams and manage national parks. We partner with communities and conduct pioneering research

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