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The ivory trade generates millions of dollars, which goes in part to support criminal syndicates.

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Our Accomplishments

We're active at all levels to stop the illegal ivory chain. We support law enforcement and case building, monitor the judiciary, and aid customs officials.

150 pounds

We work with law enforcement to shut ivory trafficking networks in Africa. In January 2017, our Wildlife Crime Unit in northern Congo was part of a big bust that yielded over 150 lbs. of ivory.

9 countries

At the national level, we are engaged across Africa in helping countries like Gabon, Tanzania, and Uganda develop National Elephant Action Plans and Strategies.

172,998 signatures

The END Wildlife Trafficking Act, which became law in 2016, is the most significant anti-wildlife trafficking legislation ever passed in the U.S. You made your voices heard and made it happen.


Help us put a stop to the illegal ivory trade.

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Photo Credit: © WCS Uganda


Meet Mia and Piper—dogs helping to sniff out illegal ivory trafficking in Uganda.

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