Success for Elephants

July 19, 2019

5g4byvty2x view of mbatamila inselberg range niassa reserve mozambique
Photo Credit: ©John Guernier

There have been zero instances of elephant poaching for the past 12 months in Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve.

Conservationists attribute the elimination of poaching in the park to a collaborative effort with the Government of Mozambique and concession operators in the park, combined with deployment of a special police rapid intervention unit; an increased aviation program providing surveillance and the deployment of a helicopter and Cessna aircraft; and tough new sentencing of poachers.

The reserve, located in northern Mozambique, is one of Africa’s largest (17,104 square miles or 42,300 sq. km), wildest, and most spectacular landscapes, comprising 28% of Mozambique’s conservation areas.

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