Help us stop traffickers from moving ivory out of Africa.

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Uganda, home to roughly 5,000 elephants, has also emerged as a key point of transit for traffickers taking illegal ivory to Asia.

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Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS


We're working closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to help the agency build its capacity and shut the door on this smuggling.

In support, we brought in Piper and Mia, a pair of sniffer dogs, who are now working with the UWA at Entebbe International Airport. Since they joined the airport team, the dogs have already played an important role in a number of busts.

Meet the Dogs

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Photo Credit: © WCS Uganda

NAME: Piper
BREED: English springer spaniel
SEX: Male
PERSONALITY: Gentle. Friendly. Always enjoys cuddling. Also athletic and accurate in searching.

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Photo Credit: © WCS Uganda

BREED: English springer spaniel
SEX: Female
PERSONALITY: Prefers to search over most other activities. Can cover huge areas in short time.


Let Piper and Mia (and the K9 team in Entebbe) know that you have their backs. Post a photo of your dog, or a friend's dog, with the hashtag #PupsForEles so they can see your support.

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