Corporate Sustainability

WCS is the scientific authority for international conservation action and advisory services.

WCS Expertise

Companies rely on WCS to:

  • Make informed and responsible business decisions
  • Understand their value and impact upon communities, the environment, and the economy
  • Preserve biodiversity and natural resources in the regions where they operate
  • Report sustainable progress, innovation, or risk to investors, customers, and employees
  • Reduce and offset their carbon footprint

WCS offers opportunities for businesses of all sizes and across all industries to achieve their sustainability goals through innovative partnerships to scale down their GHG emissions, reduce business risk brought on by climate change and biodiversity loss, and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Corporate Engagement

Corporations engage with WCS because:

  • WCS scientists are regarded as the global experts in their fields
  • Among conservancies, WCS has the highest number of staff working on-the-ground in remote and developing areas


WCS employs 4,000 professionals across 45 field offices worldwide, including over 200 doctors and PhDs. Throughout our 120-year tenure, we have:

  • Discovered new species and ecosystems, and pioneered health initiatives
  • Contributed cutting-edge research to thousands of academic publications
  • Created or managed 150 marine and terrestrial protected areas
  • Collaborated with societies, governments, and other NGOs to save the planet

WCS Sustainability Services

  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Ecosystem Services Valuation
  • Carbon Credits
  • GHG Offset Implementation
  • IFC Compliance
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Environmental Safeguards Lending
  • Conservation Finance
  • Sustainable Development Partnerships

Proud Partners

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Cool Effect

Cool Effect scours the globe to find great projects that have a proven impact on reducing carbon emissions. We found the Makira project in Madagascar to be incredibly charismatic, implementing important interdisciplinary programming directly targeting forest and wildlife threats in one of the most remote biodiversity hotspots in the world. Our partnership with WCS offers businesses and individuals opportunities to demonstrate environmental leadership and join a global community working to meet critical sustainable development goals.


For more information about WCS corporate sustainability, please contact:

Melissa Fenton
Global Corporate Engagement

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