Corporate Sponsorship

Enhance your image by aligning with our cause

WCS sponsors promote their brands to our diverse audience to achieve marketing and CSR business objectives of a regional or national scope.

Impact our planet—and your bottom line

WCS supporters care about our planet and endorse brands that share their concern.

WCS Sponsorship Platforms

  • Engage millions of consumers and families in the nation's largest metropolitan area
  • Connect with WCS visitors or donors in a wholesome and memorable setting
  • Sponsor events and experiential programs at the New York Zoos and Aquarium
  • Transform exhibits, rides, gardens, theater shows, or animal encounters
  • Educate urban youth about science, wildlife, and the environment
  • Increase community access to nature and inspire conservation
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility, humanity, and goodwill
  • Represent healthy, active, outdoor lifestyles and sustainability
  • Build awareness in print, digital, and social media communications
  • Leverage our content and reputation in your own marketing channels
  • Generate sales leads and strengthen brand equity in New York and beyond

Featured Sponsors


For more information about WCS corporate sponsorship, please contact:

Alexandra Mattia
Corporate Engagement

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