Cause Marketing

Strategic Partnership

WCS is your strategic nonprofit charity partner for:

  • Co-branded marketing campaigns that engage consumers and preserve our planet
  • Promotions inspired by nature, science, weather, travel, or outdoor adventure
  • Products featuring animals, oceans, forests, wildlife, or wild places
  • Spectacular content from an authentic and respected source
  • Extraordinary stories of real people making a difference
  • Turn-key activation in the media and advertising capital of the world

WCS Cause Marketing Platforms

  • WCS campaigns, such as Blue York or 96 Elephants
  • Trademark licensing, sweepstakes, and promotional agreements
  • Commercial co-ventures, with donations by consumers or corporations
  • Endangered and charismatic animal species
  • Marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems
  • Countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania
  • Scholarships or apprenticeships for under-served youth and teens
  • WCS's historical archives, including over 120 years of footage dating to 1895


For more information about WCS cause marketing, please contact:

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