Let It Snow

January 21, 2016

In celebration, 10 snowy photos from across the wild world.

In honor of the winter storm bearing down the east coast of the U.S., we decided to take a glass half full approach and revel in snow in all its glory.

1. Caribou in Canada

45uichyzo7 c ray caribou 2012 158
Photo Credit: ©J. Ray/WCS Canada

2. Rangers in Afghanistan

55jh7lf2wx bradfield wakhi team winter patrol 2009
Photo Credit: ©WCS Afghanistan

3. A fox chasing a young guanaco in Chile

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Photo Credit: ©Cristobal Briceño

4. Deer in the Russian Far East

5hgmjek7o6 roedeer kozhichev
Photo Credit: ©Roman Kozhichev

5. A wolverine in Canada

4b609ryjk0 wolverine a yu
Photo Credit: ©A. Yu/WCS

6. Rangers on patrol in Afghanistan

7gakzjf2q5 rangers on patrol wcs
Photo Credit: ©WCS Afghanistan

7. A tiger in Russia

2jp7ana5e3 captive tiger goodrich
Photo Credit: ©John Goodrich/WCS Russia

8. A camera trap shot of a great gray owl in Canada

21qupdq2uf great gray owl north rd3
Photo Credit: ©WCS Canada

9. A culpeo fox in Chile

9i3hrr88me zorro fiore
Photo Credit: ©Fiorella Repetto

10. A deer in the Russian Far East

660rs3l5yv roe deer in snow
Photo Credit: ©Roman Kozhichev

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