Our WCS 2030 Strategy

Saving Wildlife and Wild Places in a Rapidly Changing World

Less than a quarter of the planet remains wild. One million species are at risk of extinction. The climate crisis is accelerating. And the devastating COVID-19 pandemic has revealed connections between the destruction of nature, the wildlife trade, and human health.

Nature is sending us a message. Are we listening? Can we find better, smarter ways to protect our planet’s wildlife and wild place—and ourselves? How can we be part of the solutions that the world needs?

The WCS 2030 Strategy is our answer to these questions. With this new strategy, we will build on WCS’s strengths and experience over the past 125 years and take advantage of new opportunities to deliver our mission and vision. We will link our work more explicitly to the global policy agenda, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals—and lead the charge in defining that agenda and bringing it to fruition.

Never before has WCS’s mission been more urgent and relevant, and no other conservation organization is better positioned to help tackle these interconnected challenges than WCS.

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