World Gorilla Day 2021

Gorillas are some of our closest relatives in the wild, but today they're in trouble. This World Gorilla Day, Monday, Sept. 24, the challenges for both species are great. As a longtime leader in gorilla conservation, WCS is in position to help. Here's what's been happening.

Massive Study Finds More Gorillas and Chimps Than Expected, But ...

In Western Equatorial Africa, the paper also revealed, 80% live outside protected areas.

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Half of Western Lowland Gorillas May Vanish by 2040

WCS's Fiona Maisels and Samantha Strindberg on what we can do to turn things around.

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Silverback Gorilla Celebrates 40th Birthday in Congo Rainforest

Kingo has been monitored by researchers in Nouabale-Ndoki National Park for 17 years.

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Study Finds Congo's Miners Often Hunt Wildlife for Food

We must strengthen wildlife-friendly mining regulations and increase sustainable food sources.

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Superhighway Rerouted

The 160-mile road in Nigeria would have been catastrophic for the Cross River gorilla.

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House Vote on Conflict Mineral Transparency

Shining a light is the only way to prevent harm to wildlife and people, writes John Calvelli.

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Will the Ax Fall on Nigeria's National Parks?

A country rich in biodiversity, writes Natalie Ingle in the New York Times, risks losing it.

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Why Hope Remains for the World's Largest Gorillas

Grauer's gorillas are threatened in part by mining for popular minerals, says Andrew Plumptre.

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The Kwita Izina Mountain Gorilla Naming Ceremony

Twenty-two baby Mountain gorillas receive their names at an annual event in Rwanda.

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It Is Up to My Country

Richard Tshombe on the DRC's responsibility to make sure a species doesn't disappear.

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