Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders

Landing Page as of July 24, 2020

  1. CLICK HERE for the terms and conditions where:

    a. Purchase will supply WCS’s zoos or aquarium in New York City, NY, USA;
    b. Vendor is located in an OECD Member Country.
  2. CLICK HERE for the terms and conditions applicable to all other Vendors.


Vendors entering WCS’s Zoos & Aquarium MUST:

Undergo daily health screening. Unless otherwise specifically directed by WCS, you must complete and sign a mandatory health screening questionnaire every day before entering on-site. Anyone who does not satisfactorily complete the questionnaire will be denied access.

Wear a face covering. Must arrive to the park with your own acceptable face covering and must comply with all associated guidelines for where and when to wear it. Required to wear a face covering, over nose and mouth, at all times when:

  1. in a public area of the park where people are present;
  2. in all non-public areas when physical distancing of at least six feet cannot be guaranteed;
  3. in common areas including kitchens, elevators, lobbies, and when traveling around the office; and
  4. if the situation requires (e.g., if working individually, you must have a face covering available to put on if other individuals enter the work area).

Practice physical distancing. Must maintain a distance of at least six feet among individuals at all times, unless safety of the core activity requires a shorter distance, at which point a face covering is required. Reduce interpersonal contact and congregation. Comply with all WCS signage and protocols.

Clean hands frequently. Must, at a minimum, clean hands: upon arriving on site and to a new work area or assignment; immediately after cleaning/disinfecting tasks; before and after contact with frequently touched surfaces; at the start and end of a break period; every hour.

Maintain clean work areas. Must perform cleaning procedures for your work areas, and follow all proper sanitizing and trash disposal. Common areas shared with WCS staff must be cleaned and sanitized after individual’s use.

Notify WCS within 48 hours. Notify WCS if, within 48 hours of being on-site, you undergo a test for COVID-19 infection that has a positive result or develop new COVID-19 symptoms (not related to chronic health issues).

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