The Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference

On Oct. 11 and 12, WCS joined leaders from around the world at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London to work toward better protection for some of the world's most iconic species.


The UK's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs shared this video of WCS's Sue Lieberman following the conference's panel on the live animal trade, which Dr. Lieberman led.


The Latest from London

Center Stage

WCS's John Calvelli on Medium
Wildlife crime is serious crime and it should be treated as such, experts in London emphasize.

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Wildlife Trafficking's New Front: Latin America

WCS's Elizabeth Bennett on Medium
We have an opportunity to head off a new, emerging wildlife trafficking crisis.

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Tackling Trafficking in Nigeria

WCS's Andrew Dunn on Medium
To confront this illicit trade, a focus mainly on support for site-based law enforcement.

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From Sochi to London

WCS's Susan Lieberman on Medium
Governments must demonstrate true political will to combat the corruption behind wildlife trafficking.

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Our Strategies

Combating Wildlife Trafficking

Check out how WCS is working to dismantle the wildlife trafficking networks that drive the illegal hunting and illegal trade of endangered, threatened, or otherwise protected species.

International Policy

WCS aims to contribute scientific, technical, and policy expertise to international discussions between governments and influence international policies and commitments that will benefit wildlife and wild places.


What is WCS's Role at the Conference?

Prior to the event, Sue Lieberman, Vice President for International Policy, spoke about WCS's priorities for London and what she and her colleagues would like to see happen.

WCS: What does the organization hope will be accomplished in London?

Sue Lieberman: We hope that governments go beyond a reiteration of earlier commitments, and agree to work together to truly combat wildlife trafficking, by: treating wildlife crime as serious transnational crime; using intelligence-led enforcement; and prioritizing investigations and enforcement that disrupt and dismantle criminal networks.

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