The Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference

October 9, 2018

WCS representatives are attending the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London. We spoke with Sue Lieberman, Vice President for International Policy, about the importance of the event. Among other things, she spoke of her hope that governments will go beyond earlier commitments and treat wildlife crimes as serious transnational crimes.

As an organization, WCS works to combat wildlife trafficking in more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean, both nationally, regionally, and between continents; we also work at the global policy level. Our recommendations for the conference are based on this work.

WCS: What are WCS's priorities for the summit?

Sue Lieberman: There are a few things on our list. These include:

WCS: What does the organization hope will be accomplished?

SL: We hope that governments go beyond a reiteration of earlier commitments, and agree to work together to truly combat wildlife trafficking, by: treating wildlife crime as serious transnational crime; using intelligence-led enforcement; and prioritizing investigations and enforcement that disrupt and dismantle criminal networks. Also:

WCS: What events will WCS be participating in?

SL: We are actively engaged with both the Conference and the pre-Conference events.

Pre-Conference (Oct. 8-10)

Conference (Oct. 11-12)

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