Stand for Wildlife

Wildlife is worth fighting for. Our community is growing strong and it will take all of us to protect the species and places we love.

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Framing Our Future

The destruction of nature is contributing to global temperature rise and the loss of biodiversity. Our climate is in our hands.

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Protect Wildlife. Protect Us.℠

Call on Congress to cosponsor and enact the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act, which will counter the causes of spillover of pathogens (such as viruses) and build early warning systems for public health preparedness.

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Thank You, Congress

We're grateful Congress has committed to funding cultural institutions and international conservation. Help us show appreciation.

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Private homes are no place for lions, tigers, or other big cats. Private owners are often ill-equipped to meet their needs. Please tell your Congress members to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act today.

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Prevent Future Pandemics

Tell Congress to support language in the National Defense Authorization Act to address this key safety and security issue.

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Prioritize Global Conservation

As Congress develops its priorities, we ask that they commit to policies that steward and protect wildlife and wild places.

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Support Endangered Wildlife

The Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act (CEACA) and the Global Amphibian Protection Act (GAPA), both with strong bipartisan support, will fund sorely needed projects aimed at the world’s most vulnerable species.

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Making An Impact

Our incredible community of wildlife champions stops at nothing to save wildlife. Take a look at some of our key victories and important milestones from our campaigns.

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