Stand for Wildlife

Wildlife is worth fighting for. Our community is growing strong and it will take all of us to protect the species and places we love.

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Protect the Endangered Species Act

The U.S. House of Representatives is moving on legislation to roll back protections. Tell them that this must not happen!

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Be an Elephant Hero

We're facing an all-out crisis. But we have a simple threefold strategy to save them: Stop the killing. Stop the trafficking. Stop the demand.


No to Drilling

Tell your senators today: protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas exploitation!

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Stop Ivory Trafficking

The ivory trade generates millions of dollars, which goes in part to support criminal syndicates.

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Thank a Ranger

As they forge ahead with the dangerous and difficult task of combatting poaching, let the rangers of Nouabale-Ndoki know that you stand behind them. Send a thank you note today.

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One of Nigeria's Last Herds

Support a unique elephant monitoring program in Yankari Game Reserve.

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Renew the Tiger Stamp

Every purchase of it is a win for wildlife. Tell Congress to renew it today.

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Making An Impact

Our incredible community of wildlife champions stops at nothing to save wildlife. Take a look at some of our key victories and important milestones from our campaigns.

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Stand for Wildlife

Join more than one million wildlife lovers working to save the Earth's most treasured and threatened species. (Oh, and get a free sticker.)

Stand for Wildlife

Join a community of over one million people helping protect the wildlife and places we love.

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Gorillas Need Your Help

Help us raise $75,000 by October 16 to bring gorillas from the brink of extinction.