World Wildlife Day

March 3, 2020

March 3 was World Wildlife Day and this year it was all about biodiversity. We are currently facing an extinction crisis unlike anything we've seen before. In fact, nature is declining at rates unprecedented in human history. We must take transformative action to address this crisis now. Join us today and help raise awareness.


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Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Now we must focus on ecosystem health

While targets for conserving species have shaped policy and galvanized efforts to halt losses worldwide as part of the Convention on Biological Diversity, writes WCS's James Watson in The New York Daily News, no such targets exist for ecosystems despite the ample evidence indicating that their health and functions are essential to the processes that maintain all life.

Conserving Biological and Cultural Diversity in Nicaragua

By Fabricio Díaz Santos
Every day an environmental crisis becomes more apparent—one that pits the conservation of nature and the environment against an unsustainable model of economic development.

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Collaborating for Jaguar Conservation

By Rob Wallace & Enzo Aliaga-Rossel
As we celebrate World Wildlife Day, the importance of emphasizing transboundary and collaborative conservation efforts is fresh on our minds.

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WCS at the United Nations

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Photo Credit: ©Natalie Cash/WCS

“This is an absolutely critical year for nature and biodiversity and the sustainability of our planet," WCS President and CEO Cristián Samper told the audience at today's celebration.

Youth can have a powerful voice in addressing the biodiversity crisis. Today, our WCS Education team also brought a great group of young activists to the United Nations to participate.

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Photo Credit: ©Emma Richards/WCS

Rare Giant Pangolin Seized from Poachers and Re-Released

A giant pangolin that was seized from poachers in Northern Congo has been successfully rescued and returned to the wild by WCS staff and partners.

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Photo Credit: ©WCS Cambodia

Daring Rescue of Trapped Elephant

Dramatic video shows the rescue of an Asian elephant that had tumbled into a Vietnam War-era bomb crater in Cambodia and couldn’t get out.

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Official Graphics

Sarah Markes of WCS Tanzania helped to create the official graphics for this year's events.

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