Translocated Zebras Are Flourishing

March 19, 2019

Photo Credit: ©Tim R.B. Davenport

In October, 22 zebras were reintroduced to Tanzania's Southern Highlands. Part of a bold effort to re-wild this once pristine landscape by WCS, working in conjunction with Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) and Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute TAWIRI.

Recently, some of the WCS Tanzania team visited Kitulo and spent a few days with national park staff searching for the zebras to see how they are getting on. “We are delighted to say that we located all the animals and they are all fine," said Tim Davenport, WCS Tanzania Country Director, in a statement. "They have split, as expected, into 5 herds and we noticed with excitement that one of the mares seems to be pregnant.”

Half a century ago, zebras were hunted to extinction in this region or otherwise removed to make way for state-run sheep ranching and dairy farming.

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