Superhighway Rerouted

March 24, 2017

Photo Credit: ©WCS Nigeria

Thanks to the pressure you helped to create, Cross River gorilla habitat in Nigeria is no longer threatened.

At a recent meeting in Calabar, with our Director of Cross River Landscape Inaoyom Imong present, the Cross River State government verbally agreed to reroute the superhighway away from the Ekuri community forest.

Combined with dropping the 12-mile (20-kilometer) buffer, this reroute shows significant progress. It means our voices are being heard. But, there's still more to be done. The route still cuts through Cross River National Park, Ukpon River Forest Reserve, and Cross River South Forest Reserve.

If constructed as planned, this route would be catastrophic for people and wildlife—destroying thousands of acres of rainforest, harming the livelihoods of indigenous communities, and demolishing some of the last-remaining habitat for highly threatened species such as the chimpanzee, pangolin, and forest elephant.

Tell the Nigerian government today: spare these protected areas and revise the Environmental Impact Assessment.

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