Celebrate National Bison Day

November 3, 2016

Photo Credit: ©Jeff Burrell/WCS

Saturday, November 5, is National Bison Day, the first since the bison became the U.S.'s official National Mammal.

Congress passed the National Bison Legacy Act in April with unanimous support to make the bison's adoption to this role official. President Obama signed the legislation on May 9, 2016.

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The bison, North America's largest land mammal, has played an important role in America's history, culture, and economy. Once nearly wiped from existence by westward expansion, it rebounded and came to be considered the country's first conservation success story.

Today, they are found across the country, including at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa. There, we recently checked in on Sparky, the bison that survived being struck by lightning.

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