Belize Passes Fisheries Bill

January 21, 2020

Photo Credit: ©V. Alamina/WCS

The Senate of Belize passed a new Fisheries Resources Bill that will help make the country’s small-scale fisheries more sustainable for both marine life and people.

It replaces previous legislation in place for almost seven decades and aims to modernize and transform Belize’s small-scale fishing industry.

The new legislation will ensure the sustainable use and management of the fishery resources and the conservation for the coral reefs, mangroves and coastal waters that support them, as well as provide greater decision-making authority, food security, and resiliency to local communities.

“We are delighted to see that our steadfast support to this initiative is finally paying off," said WCS Belize Country Director Nicole Auil Gomez, “to realize the dawn of a modern, holistic fisheries legislation that embraces ecosystem principles, stakeholder inclusion, and local stewardship to maximize sustainable yields, while safeguarding wildlife.”

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