Belgian Senate Calls for a Strong EU Ivory Ban

February 22, 2019

Photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Momentum is building in Europe for a strong ban on the domestic ivory trade. The Belgian Senate has just passed a resolution in support of such a move.

“We commend Belgian Senators for their leadership and appreciate the broad political support for this Resolution," said Arnaud Goessens, WCS's EU Policy Manager, in a statement. “With a decision looming, we urge other EU Member States to also call on the European Commission to close the EU domestic ivory market and enact the strongest ban possible.”

Several other European governments have taken individual action to go beyond current EU rules, which they deem insufficient. Last July, Luxembourg enacted an ivory ban. Then, in December, the UK passed the 2018 Ivory Act, now one of the strongest such laws in the world. An EU-wide decision is looming. Read our full statement via our bio applauding Belgium for supporting African elephants.

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