Thank a Ranger

Every day, men and women risk their lives to protect wildlife, including Africa's elephants. We're taking a moment to say thank you.

Thanks for Everything That You Do for Wildlife!

We’ve never met, but we have something very important in common: love and respect for elephants and other wildlife that live and thrive in the park that you patrol.

I want to thank you for dedicating your career to protecting these amazing animals from poachers, traffickers, and other threats to their survival. Poaching and trafficking are growing more sophisticated every day and as wildlife like elephants and tigers are pushed closer towards extinction, your work to defend these amazing animals is more important than ever before.

Whenever you set off to do your dangerous and difficult work, I hope you know that I and thousands of other wildlife advocates like me are thinking of you, and are grateful for everything that you do.

Thank you so much!

Stories from the Front Lines:

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