Sharks have been around for 450 million years. Don’t let their story end now. Urge your representatives to support the Sustainable Shark Fisheries and Trade Act.

1/4 of species

Approximately a quarter of all shark and ray species are estimated to be threatened with extinction. This is driven by the increasing global demand for meat, fins, liver oil, gill plates, and other parts and products.

800,000 metric tons

Fisheries around the world report catching more than 800,000 metric tons of sharks and rays annually. It’s not fully known how many animals—skates, sharks, rays, and chimaeras—this represents, but at least tens of millions.

50 percent

Little is known about almost half of the world’s estimated 1,250 shark and ray species, so it's difficult to assess their conservation status. Some of these “lost sharks” may be extinct. Others may be declining from nearly ubiquitous fishing pressure.

A Bad Rap

Lots of people are afraid of sharks. In reality, sharks have a lot more reason to fear us. For every person killed in a shark attack, we kill roughly 15 million of them. This is bad for the ocean. As apex predators, sharks play a key role in the marine ecosystem.

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