No Science = No Wildlife:

Thank a Scientist

Like you, we're committed to the future of science and wildlife -- no matter what threats they face. That's why WCS scientists work in more than 500 programs across nearly 60 countries to ensure a future for all species.

Their work is critical. Pressures like climate change, habitat loss, and illegal wildlife trafficking are pushing animals to the edge. Yet the scientists dedicated to saving them are facing new uncertainties. Send a thank you note to a WCS scientist and let them know you are in their corner.

Thanks for Everything That You Do For Wildlife!

I supported the March for Science because science is essential to the survival of wildlife. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated scientists like you, we're constantly discovering more about how to save nature and protect animals in the last wild places on earth. We've never met, but I hope you know that I, and thousands of other wildlife advocates, are so grateful for everything that you do -- and we are committed to letting our leaders know the importance of your work.


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