Oil and Water (and Wildlife) Don't Mix!

The coastal waters of the United States are under attack. Legislation is swirling around Congress to fast‐track seismic airgun surveys and weaken protections for marine mammals. The Administration is proposing an historic increase in offshore oil and gas development. These changes are serious threats to vulnerable species such as marine mammals, marine turtles, seabirds, and ocean-going fishes, and especially endangered species including the North Atlantic right whale. We need you to speak up and tell policymakers that marine wildlife, coastal communities, and sensitive ocean ecosystems shouldn’t be sacrificed in a blind rush towards unfettered oil and gas development.

Erosion of Protections

There are only 500 North Atlantic right whales left. Now, new proposed legislation could put them at risk by undermining important safeguards.

Take Action

Help save turtles and whales

Marine animals face many threats: the push to expand oil and gas extraction in key habitats; the weakening of environmental safeguards; devastating budget cuts. Make a gift, and fight back.


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WCS and Whales

WCS has a long, rich history in whale conservation. Our findings continue to deepen the understanding of these extraordinary marine mammals and the growing threats they face.

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