One Planet Sustains Us All

We must evolve in our thinking as one of millions of interconnected species on the sole planet known to support life and rise to the environmental challenges of our time. Speak out with us.

Take Action

Producer, Writer and Editor: Natalie Cash
Narrator: Paul Kinney
Music: Successful Journey by Oliver Lyu | PremiumBeat
Motion Graphics and Visual Effects: Jeff Morey
Sound Engineer: Chris Arbisi | StudioCenter
Sound Design: Brian Aumueller | Mekanical

Footage: Jeff Morey, Jacob Steinberg, Katherine Gomero, David Rothkind, Abraham Joffe, Zanne Labuschagne, Forrest Hogg, Erich Eberhard, Cole Patterson, Graham Harris, Luke Groskin, Animal Planet, Disney Conservation Fund, Tusk Trust, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Lindblad Expeditions, Unified Field, Film Supply, Shutterstock

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