Life on the North Slope

Camera traps give us a glimpse into a remote landscape.

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African Grey Parrots Released

Watch as a WCS ornithology team travels to Congo to help staff on the ground rehabilitate and release African grey parrots into the wild.

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Back from the Edge

Thanks to an aggressive captive-breeding program, things are looking up for Myanmar's Burmese star tortoise.

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Andean Bears at Machu Picchu

Turns out Peru's world-famous Incan ruins are an important habitat for the species.

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Trunk Show

This World Elephant Day, the truth about trunks: they can be difficult for a baby elephant to maneuver.

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We Stand for Wildlife

Nature replenishes our souls. Our recent video on why protecting wildlife and wild places is so important.

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Turning Tides: Towards a Bluer Tomorrow

While oceans cover 70 percent of the world’s surface, only one percent is truly protected. We depend on the oceans for our food, our livelihoods, our lives. WCS has been a leader in marine scientific discovery and conservation for more than 100 years. In this short video, we lay out our vision to protect 10% of the worlds oceans by 2020. Join us as we turn the tides towards a bluer tomorrow.

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An Elephant's Tale: The Matriarch

Elephants — so different in form yet with an inner life that rivals our own. This short video tells the tale of a single elephant, but provides powerful testimony to the experience of the species as a whole at this crucial moment in their existence. Together, we must not be generation that lets elephants disappear.

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