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Updates on COVID-19

Get all of the latest WCS reports, news, and commentary related to the pandemic.

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Protect Wildlife. Protect Us.

The commercial wildlife trade for human consumption is leaving us exposed to the threat of deadly, zoonotic pandemics. Together, we can project a better future.

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We Stand for Wildlife: Resilience

With one million species at risk of extinction, the impacts of climate accelerating, and the pandemic still ravaging communities, we find ourselves at an inflection point. How we will live and interact with nature is the defining challenge of our lifetimes.

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Whales of New York

There is a lot of excitement about seeing whales in New York waters. WCS's Ocean Giants team, in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and with support from Equinor, detects their presence using near real-time acoustics. Now, you can check it all out via a new website.

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Global Conservation

We work to save wildlife and wild places in nearly 60 countries and across the ocean.

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WCS's world-class scientific staff—based at our zoos, aquarium, and with conservation programs around the world—produces hundreds of research publications each year.

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Zoos and Aquarium

Through our five zoological parks in New York, we're able to connect people to animals and nature and inspire them to care about conservation.

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WCS has been advancing science education and increasing ecological literacy since 1929. Today, more than 150,000 students participate in classes, tours, and outreach programs each year at our four zoos and our aquarium.

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We have one of the oldest zoological veterinary programs ever established, which continues to provide specialized care. In 1989, we developed our Field Veterinary Program, the first and largest of its kind.

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Across the planet, we collaborate with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to achieve a shared vision for a more secure and resilient future.

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Seeing is Believing

The climate crisis is happening now. On a global scale. Impacting all life on Earth. Humans, fauna, and flora. Here are the impacts that WCS staff and friends are seeing on the ground.

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In the news

October 11, 2021 | The Wall Street Journal

The Tiger Is Making a Tentative Comeback in China’s North

“This is an example where the economics and politics have aligned with conservation priorities in a very positive way,” said WCS's Dale Miquelle.

September 10, 2021 | Mongabay

What's Fair in Conservation to Locals?

Just ask, says a new study co-authored by WCS. Fairness may be viewed differently in different cultures and geographies, says WCS's Sangeeta Mangubhai.

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