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The Top 10 Field Photos of 2015

December 23, 2015

From the hills of Afghanistan to the reefs off Madagascar, from a tiny chameleon to the sizable Asian elephant, these were our 10 favorite photos from the field this year (in no particular order).

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Photo Credit: ©Felx Ratelolahy/WCS


A Fito leaf chameleon in Madagascar fits on a fingertip.

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Photo Credit: ©Dept. of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation and WCS Thailand


Hard to miss these Asian elephants, caught on a camera trap in Thailand's Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Photo Credit: ©WCS India/Himachal Pradesh Forest Department


How's this for a backyard regular? A leopard in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

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Photo Credit: ©WCS Afghanistan


A rare glimpse of a snow leopard in the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan.

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Photo Credit: ©WCS Ecuador


A lowland tapir photographed by camera trap in the Amazon.

930yh9vfkt 006
Photo Credit: ©WCS Ecuador


A puma kicks back to relax in the Amazon.

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Photo Credit: ©WCS Ecuador


Certainly a sight to see. A giant armadillo in Ecuador.

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Photo Credit: ©Carlos Durigan/WCS Brazil


Here's lookin' at you jaguar resting in a tree in Brazil's Mamiraua Sustainable Reserve.

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Photo Credit: ©Emily Darling/WCS


Not a bad place to take notes. A WCS scientist surveys a coral reef off Madagascar.

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Photo Credit: ©Mileniusz Spanowicz/WCS


This frog, found on the Identidad Madidi expedition, turned out to be a new species.

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