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Scenes from a Secret World

July 26, 2016

Incredible camera trap footage from Arctic Alaska courtesy of researchers with the WCS Arctic Beringia team.

These are young wolverines caught on camera in some of the most remote country in the United States, in the National Petroleum Reserve, in winter.

In the nighttime shots, two young wolverines, or kits, are outside their den. During the day, they're seen in the same spot with an adult female. Watch out for a cameo by a male in the distance, too.

The video here is jumpy due to where it was shot. Since the researchers must leave the cameras out for months at a time in below-freezing temperatures, they opt for this time-lapse format to save memory space and battery life.

It's still very much worth the effort. According to Program Director Martin Robards, we know very little about this elusive animal, so this type of work, "gives us insights into productivity (how many kits), the use of snow, and social interactions with other wolverines."

The research was made possible through the support of the Wilburforce Foundation.

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