Run Turtles Run!

December 28, 2016

Some of the first Hawskbill sea turtle hatchlings of the season make a run for the water in Nicaragua's Pearl Cays!

Earlier this year, we shared great news from this beautiful spot, as the Hawksbill Conservation Project had seen record numbers of Hawksbill sea turtle nests and hatchlings.

In recent months, it seems the growth has continued. Preliminary nest counts for 2016 suggest a further 10% jump—from 546 nests in 2015 to 601.

Because the nests have now been identified, WCS researchers and observers will return to these sites in early 2017 to excavate the already hatched nests and count the number of empty eggshells. Together, the nest number and the hatchling count will help our researchers estimate how many sea turtles successfully hatched.

These hatchling counts will involve local turtle monitors from six different Nicaraguan communities, reflecting widespread local interest and involvement in the conservation of this vulnerable species.

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