Return to Dzanga

March 17, 2016

WCS field biologist Andrea Turkalo is "the person who knows forest elephants best," as The New Yorker described her in an article last year. For more than two decades, she has studied them closely at a clearing in Dzanga-Ndoki National Park in the Central African Republic.

As described in our short film, Return to Dzanga, Turkalo was forced to leave the country in 2013 due to instability, as a rebel group, the Seleka, threatened to overthrow the government. In that unrest, a number of elephants in the park were poached.

This film details her return to the bai. When the footage was shot, it was unclear which elephants had been killed. Since then, though, evidence has emerged that two matriarchs, called Aida I and Phyllis I, may be among the missing.

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