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October 28, 2015

4 photos that motivate us to act.

WCS Mozambique recently shared this disturbing photo on social media with the disheartening news to match.

Photo by Luambeze Safaris

It's the latest in a long string of outrageous images we've seen recently. Check out some of the others and join us in taking action on animals' behalf (below).

1. An orangutan in a bag

A suspected online orangutan trader was arrested in Indonesia earlier this year and authorities confiscated this small orangutan, believed to be 6–12 months old.

Photo Credit: ©WCS Indonesia

2. A pangolin in a cage

Pangolins are highly targeted by poachers, in part for their scales, which are valued in some traditional medicines. This photo was taken during an April seizure on the island of Sumatra. Authorities found five tons of frozen pangolins, 77 kilograms of pangolin scales, and 96 live pangolins, including this one in a poultry cage.

Photo Credit: Paul Hilton for WCS

3. A Tiger Poached

Earlier this year, with the help of WCS's Wildlife Crimes Unit, authorities in Indonesia arrested wildlife poachers and a dealer for trading tiger parts. This tiger was allegedly killed in early August.
Photo Credit: WCS

4. A baby elephant murdered

This one-month old elephant was killed in Mozambique by poachers alongside its mother, whose tusks were hacked off for their ivory.

Photo Credit: A. Jorge/Niassa Carnivore Project

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