Feel the Burn

June 9, 2016

4or4uolduy tigerbust
Photo Credit: ©Paul Hilton for WCS

This powerful photo comes from Indonesia, where the authorities and our Wildlife Crimes Unit recently announced the arrest of brokers for trading tiger parts.

The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered and it's illegal to poach or trade it under Indonesian law. This one is believed to have originated in the Gunung Leuser National Park tiger habitat, where there is estimated to be only about 100 of these animals left.

The investigation into the alleged trade moved quickly. It took only three days to detect the tiger parts through a WCU informant, locate the broker's house, and coordinate with the authorities to execute an operation.

The suspects later confessed that the tiger had been trapped by a snare and then killed by a poacher. The poacher contacted the brokers to help sell the parts.

The burn in the picture above occurred on May 23, when the authorities destroyed hundreds of tiger parts and ivory tusks in Banda Aceh. We supported the government in destroying the evidence to avoid animal part laundering on the illegal market.

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