Dramatic Dolphin Rescue

August 31, 2017

We just released this amazing video that shows a group of Bangladeshi fishermen rescuing a pantropical spotted dolphin after the dolphin became entangled in their net in the Bay of Bengal.

The crew had cast out nets for hilsa, a delicacy in Bangladesh. When they realized a dolphin was trapped in their net, they quickly and carefully brought the 250-pound animal on board and they cut it free.

The captain of the vessel, Younus Kholifa, is part of a Citizen Science Fishermen Safety Network pioneered by WCS. From the project, which is and supported by WorldFish through the USAID EcoFish Project, the fishermen knew that these dolphins are air breathing mammals and that it was critical to rescue this one as quickly as possible or it would drown.

Local fishermen consider dolphins their brethren at sea. When this animal safely swam away, the crew cheered in celebration.

As part of the program, the fishermen also log GPS data on entanglements. When compiled, the data could inform where fishing nets are placed going forward to help minimize these incidents for the safety of the animals.

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