Beautiful Peru

January 6, 2017

Check out four amazing shots from one of our favorite feeds. Follow WCS Peru for more.

1. A jaguar

The most powerful predator in the Americas can be found from Mexico to Argentina. Peru is an important stronghold for it because the small mammals it eats are abundant there.

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Photo Credit: ©André Baertschi/WCS Peru

2. Capybara

The largest rodent in the world, the capybara is known to stick close to the water as protection from predators.

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Photo Credit: ©André Baertschi/WCS Peru

3. Yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles

One of the largest South American river turtle species. Here toying with a swarm of colorful butterflies.

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Photo Credit: ©André Baertschi/WCS Peru

4. A red howler monkey

These guys are aptly named—their cries echo for miles.

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Photo Credit: ©André Baertschi/WCS Peru

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