And They're Off!

April 13, 2016

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Photo Credit: ©Laura Irvine/WCS

The numbers are in and they're great. It was a record-breaking 2015 for WCS's 16-year-old Hawksbill Conservation Project, which counted 546 Hawksbill sea turtle nests last year in Nicaragua's Pearl Cays. All told, an estimated 51,735 hatchlings, including those pictured here, reached the water.

Things were not always so rosy, as we detailed here. When the project began in 2000, there were 154 nests and the turtles were in big trouble, due largely to poaching.

WCS's presence at the field site (via the Nicaragua marine program), engagement work with local fishers, and outreach to local communities have all contributed heavily to these great results.

Check out the progress that's been made over the years:

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