Cryptocurrency Giving

Wildlife Conservation Society has partnered with BitPay, a leading payments processor for cryptocurrencies, to allow donors to make donations in Bitcoin, Ether, and other popular alt coins. Your crypto donation will be transferred to Wildlife Conservation Society’s account and converted into US Dollars to allow us to immediately support our mission of saving endangered wildlife and their habitats.

To make a donation in cryptocurrency, complete the form below. You can input a US Dollar amount to donate and then click on the “Donate with BitPay” button. BitPay will ask you to connect to the wallet of your choice, where you can donate your US Dollar donation amount in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Or, if you know exactly how much of an individual cryptocurrency you’d like to donate, input that amount and change the currency to the coin you want to use for your donation, then click on the “Donate with BitPay” button.

Your transaction will be processed securely and quickly by BitPay. Your crypto wallet provider will document a transfer to The Wildlife Conservation Society will send you a gift acknowledgement to the name and address listed in the form.

Thank you for supporting Wildlife Conservation Society!

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