2012 survey

In 2012, the Bronx Zoo’s Assistant Curator of Ornithology Dr. Nancy Clum led the first archipelago­-wide survey of Caribbean flamingos in the Bahamas.

Flamingos are found around the world, typically near the saltiest waters and flats. On the Bahamian island of Grand Inagua, for instance, a colony of Caribbean flamingos filter feeds in the evaporation ponds around the Morton Salt Factory, mountains of salt drying nearby.

WCS's history with flamingo conservation began with Dr. William Conway in the 1960s who led expeditions to the Altiplano in the South American Andes to evaluate the status of the flamingo species there. We continue those efforts today, working to conserve the four flamingo species at risk: the lesser flamingo of East Africa, the Chilean flamingo, the Andean flamingo, and the James's (or Puna) flamingo.

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