U.S. Federal Affairs & Policy

WCS’s Federal Affairs & Policy program is an interface between experts and members of Congress, their staffs, U.S. federal agency partners, multilateral organizations, and coalitions to advocate for the conservation of wildlife and wild places and in support of our zoos and aquarium.

Our Work

WCS's U.S. Government Policy & Funding Priorities

With the commencement of every new Congress, WCS outlines its policy and annual funding priorities.

International Biodiversity Funding and Policy

Bipartisan support is critical to strengthening U.S. programs aimed at stopping the catastrophic loss of biodiversity and ecological integrity globally, particularly in biologically significant areas.

Natural Security

Global nature loss and the decline of ecological integrity play a major role in destabilizing nations worldwide—posing a significant threat to U.S. national security.

Pandemic Prevention

Enhancing global readiness against future pandemics involves prioritizing national and international prevention and preparedness, particularly in preventing the spillover or transmission of pathogens from wildlife to people.

Countering Wildlife Trafficking

Countering wildlife poaching and trafficking is essential, as it erodes security, economic stability, the rule of law, and long-standing conservation endeavors.

Global Forests: International Climate Finance

Conserving the planet’s last remaining intact forests and vital natural strongholds is crucial, given their outsized contribution to mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Marine Policy and Funding

Effective management of U.S. waters balances conservation and sustainable use. WCS prioritizes marine protected area management, as well as the protection of marine mammals, sharks and other priority marine species.

Department of the Interior Policy & Funding

Robust resources are needed to support the global conservation efforts led by the Department of the Interior and the effective implementation of bedrock U.S. environmental laws.

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