Eastern Africa, Madagascar, & Western Indian Ocean

Known as the site of the world’s most famous migration, the wildebeest of the Serengeti, East Africa’s savanna lands are home to some of the most spectacular and iconic megafauna left on the planet—elephants and rhinos, lions and cheetahs—and to local communities that rely on them for natural resources like water and traditional medicine. Just off the coast lies Madagascar, a showcase of evolution that’s home to many species that are strikingly different, like the emblematic lemurs that are found nowhere else on Earth. Madagascar is also surrounded by the rich, productive waters of the Western Indian Ocean. Deep ocean currents and complex coastal habitats have created spectacular coral reefs that span the coastlines of Kenya, Tanzania, northern Mozambique, and Madagascar. These productive habitats, on land and at sea, are as important to global conservation as they are to the local communities that rely on them.

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