October 31–November 12
Glasgow, Scotland

WCS joined global leaders at COP26 to discuss actions to address the climate crisis. At the event, we focused on the critical importance of natural ecosystems, especially forests, for reducing carbon emissions, removing carbon from the atmosphere, and regulating global and regional climate regimes.

Framing Our Future

The destruction of natural environments around the world is contributing to global temperature rise and the loss of biodiversity. But it's not too late to slow climate change and save wildlife at the same time. WCS and its partners are launching Framing Our Future to turn the tide on climate.

WCS President and CEO Cristian Samper spoke about the campaign on Friday, November 5, at COP26.

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Photo Credit: ©Victoria Palacios/Unsplash

News from Glasgow

On the Glasgow Climate Pact

We're encouraged by the clarity of understanding of the climate emergency reflected in the pact and by intent to rapidly ratchet ambition to meet that understanding. But the pact does not mean that the world has solved the climate crisis.

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WCS Statement on the Draft COP26 Decision Proposed by the UK Presidency

We are encouraged by the recognition and emphasis on the role of nature-based solutions in the draft. We hope the final COP decision is strengthened even further in its ambition and commitment to meet the urgency of the moment.

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Canada's Fragile Northern Peatlands

Canada’s vast and mostly intact peatlands—the largest peatland carbon stock on the planet—must be protected if the world is to achieve net-zero global CO2 emissions by 2050.

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Ocean to COP: coral reefs can help save the world

Peter Thomson, Abdulla Naseer, and WCS's Susan Lieberman for The Economist

The global community must recognize the vital role that coral reefs play in creating a sustainable ocean economy and fighting the worst effects of climate change.

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Scientists Issue New Climate Adaptation “Scorecard”

The set of 16 criteria can be used to evaluate climate adaptation projects and inform their design.

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Encouraging Commitments on Deforestation

We welcome the announcements made at COP26 on the conservation of forests and their key role as we combat the climate and biodiversity crises.

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People and Nature Need More Help

Greater investment is required to adapt to climate emergencies that are damaging human communities and natural habitats, say WCS adaptation scientists.

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Framing our future beyond the climate crisis

By John Calvelli for The Hill
There is work to do in Washington on the climate crisis. Conservation groups led by zoos and aquariums are organizing now to do just that.

The Global Economy Depends on Forests—Let's Act Accordingly

By Daniel J. Zarin for Euractiv
We should invest in protecting the world’s forests as if they were basic natural infrastructure upon which our economy depends, because they are.

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Protecting Our Planet Challenge Founders Commit Support to Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

At least $1 billion will go to IPLCs, the nine groups say, to secure a sustainable future for nature, climate, and people.

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WCS Supports LEAF Announcement

The LEAF Coalition committed to purchase a minimum of $1 billion of carbon credits to support tropical forest conservation.

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Climate Change Will Triple Impacts

Without a reduction in emissions, the anticipated future changes are expected to accelerate rapidly, says a new study co-authored by WCS.

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WCS Cheat Sheet

The latest on events, attendees, and key messages from WCS. Plus, resources for reporters covering COP26 both on the ground and from afar.

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Lac Tele Turns 20

The community-run African reserve, which stores almost a billion tons of carbon, quietly celebrates its anniversary.

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WCS Statement

On the role of High Forest, Low Deforestation (HFLD) Credits in the LEAF Coalition (Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest finance).

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Opportunities for Coral Reefs at the Ocean-Climate Nexus

The next decade will be crucial for safeguarding the future of our coral reefs. Ahead of CBD COP 15, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative, WCS, and partners from around the world are launching a series of white papers to outline the key issues facing our ocean, as well as opportunities for action—setting an ambitious agenda for the world’s reefs over the next 10 years.

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Highlighted WCS Events

November 3

9:30–10:30 am GMT

Halting Tropical Deforestation:
The role of carbon credits from REDD+ countries & jurisdictions
N4C + IUCN "Nature Zone"
Tune in live: https://youtu.be/gAFQv8qDb_k
WCS participant: Daniel J. Zarin, Executive Director, Forests and Climate Change
(Read more about WCS and REDD+)

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11:30 am–12:30 pm GMT
Unlocking investments to deliver equitable nature-based solutions for a green, healthy and resilient planet
EU Pavilion
WCS participant: Sandy Andelman, Vice President, Conservation Strategy & Partnerships

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2:30 pm GMT
Climate change mitigation and adaptation through coastal ecosystems conservation and restoration
EU Pavilion
WCS participant: Simon Cripps, Executive Director, Marine Program

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5:00–6:30 pm GMT

Scaling intact forest conservation through landscape-level approaches supported by climate finance
N4C + IUCN "Nature Zone"
Tune in live: https://youtu.be/gAFQv8qDb_k
WCS participants: Tom Evans, Lead, Intact Forests; Stephanie Wang, Senior Program Manager, Conservation Science and Solutions; John Takai Kuange, WCS PNG

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7:30 pm GMT
Forest Finance: Finding the tipping point
Trillion Trees/WWF-UK Virtual Event

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November 4

1:00–2:30 pm GMT
Why intact forests for climate change?
N4C + IUCN “Nature Zone”
Tune in live: https://youtu.be/Zk2PB5pGS7g
WCS participant: Tom Evans, Lead, Intact Forests
(Read more about WCS and Intact Forests)

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November 5

5:00–6:30 GMT

The NYDF: A Renewed Call to Action
WCS participant: Susan Lieberman, Vice President, International Policy

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November 6

1:45–2:30 pm GMT
Community land rights for nature, climate, and people
UK Pavilion
WCS participants: Cristiàn Samper, President and CEO; Daniel J. Zarin, Executive Director, Forests and Climate Change
(Read more about WCS & Communities)

5:00–6:30 pm GMT

Emerging policy approaches for intact forest conservation
N4C + IUCN "Nature Zone"
Tune in live: https://youtu.be/TbI3RzDKAyo
WCS participants: Cristiàn Samper, President and CEO; Daniel J. Zarin, Executive Director, Forests and Climate Change

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November 8

11:00 am–12:30 pm GMT
5 Great Forests of Mesoamerica
GCF/GEF Pavilion
WCS participants: Jeremy Radachowsky, Regional Director, Mesoamerica and Western Caribbean; Sandy Andelman, Vice President, Conservation Strategy & Partnerships
(Read more about 5 Great Forests)

12:00–12:30 pm GMT

FAO for the future of food and the environment
UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub
Tune in Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7futrdJ7Unk
(Watch a video about the Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme

3:45–5:00 pm GMT
5 Grandes Bosques de Mesoamérica:
Una Iniciativa Regional Para El Clima, La Biodiversidad y La Gente
WCS participant: Jeremy Radachowsky, Regional Director, Mesoamerica and Western Caribbean

5:00–6:30 pm GMT

Collective Action, Collective Responsibility:
How targeted investments at the forest and farm frontier offer a key pathway to supporting farmers, and protecting forests and biodiversity
N4C + IUCN "Nature Zone"
Tune in live: https://youtu.be/6yOxY2nMq7w
WCS participants: Daniel J. Zarin, Executive Director, Forests and Climate Change; Matt Leggett, Associate Director, Sustainable Commodities and Private Sector Engagement

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6:30–8:00 pm GMT

The essential carbon service provided by northern peatlands and the case study of the Hudson Bay Lowlands
Peatlands Pavilion
WCS participant: Justina Ray, President and Senior Scientist, WCS Canada
(Read more about Canada's northern peatlands)

November 9

6:15–7:45 pm GMT
Climate Change and Pandemics:
Two crisis, one nature-based solution
GEF Pavilion
(Read report on Ecological Integrity and Human Health)

November 10

3:00–4:15 pm GMT
Thriving Together:
How strong alliances achieve climate resilient landscapes
Multimedia Studio 1 (Blue Zone)

November 11

4:00–5:30 pm GMT
Patagonian Peatland Initiative:
Conservation partnership for thriving peatlands
Peatlands Pavilion
WCS participant: WCS Chile

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