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Right now, WCS conservationists are working on the ground, across four continents and five oceans, to save some of Earth's most spectacular and imperiled wildlife. From the nesting beaches of sea turtles in Gabon to the domain of big cats on the African plains, WCS is making groundbreaking discoveries and in-roads against great odds. Success is possible: Wildlife is resilient, but needs your help.

When you make a contribution to WCS, you ensure a future for imperiled wildlife.

For questions or more information, please contact the Development Office at 718-741-1654 or at

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Grauer's Gorilla

Save Grauer’s Gorillas

Grauer’s gorillas are one of many endangered species to occupy a landscape torn by civil strife. Despite this challenge, WCS is on the ground working to monitor their populations and save them from extinction. We need your help to protect these apes and other species that face an uncertain future.

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Support WCS Ecoguards

With your help, WCS supports and trains ecoguards around the world. These men and women work on the frontlines of conservation, deterring illegal activities such as hunting, mining, and logging in national parks and surrounding lands. They are truly the eyes and ears for conservationists.

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Siberian tiger

Donate to Save Tigers

When you make a contribution to help us save the endangered tiger, we’ll make progress in our work to curb the devastating wildlife trade and ensure the cats have both adequate prey and enough room to roam.

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African Elephant

WCS Wildlife Protectors

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Conservation Patrons

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Sea turtle

Tribute Giving

Make a donation in memory or in honor of someone special and create a living legacy.