WCS Graduate Scholarship Program

The WCS Graduate Scholarship Program (GSP) is part of a WCS strategy to invest in developing individual conservation leaders around the world. The GSP provides access to international graduate education opportunities (masters or doctoral programs) to exceptional conservationists from Asia/Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and North American indigenous groups. Scholars are nominated by WCS global conservation staff and are selected based on their exceptional abilities and potential to become leaders of the conservation movement in their home countries.

WCS Research Fellowship Program

The WCS Research Fellowship Program (RFP) is one of the oldest and most prestigious small grants programs in the field of wildlife conservation. Grants are designed to build capacity for the next generation of global conservation leaders from Asia/Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and North American indigenous groups by supporting individual field research projects that have a clear application to the conservation of threatened wildlife and wild places. The grants awarded under the RFP result in young conservationists building their own individual capacity to become leading conservationists in their countries.

John Thorbjarnarson Fellowship for Reptile Research

WCS also administers the John Thorbjarnarson Fellowship for Reptile Research. WCS Senior Conservation Scientist Dr. John Thorbjarnarson was a world-renowned expert on crocodiles, alligators, anacondas, turtles, and other species of reptiles and worked tirelessly throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia to ensure their protection and conservation. With the generous support of the Thorbjarnarson family, WCS has established a memorial fellowship fund in John's name that is open to applicants whose research interests are focused on the conservation of reptiles.

Conservation Leadership Programme

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) provides competitive grants on an annual basis to teams of individuals early in their career to carry out conservation projects. Proposals must be focused on species and landscapes recognized globally as high priority for conservation. CLP is a partnership including three conservation organizations: BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International, and WCS.

WCS Climate Adaptation Fund

The Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund provides competitive grants to conservation organizations that are focused on implementing priority actions and strategies identified in State Wildlife Action Plans.

Why WCS?

84 from 29

The WCS Global Scholarship Program is a world leader in providing support for young conservation professionals. Established in 1996, the program has already made advanced study possible for a total of 84 graduate students from 29 countries at top-flight academic institutions that include Yale University, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Florida, and Oxford University.

350+ proposals

From 1993 to 2012, the WCS Research Fellowship Program funded over 350 proposals resulting in important conservation around the world. Focal topics covered by RFP grants include: rare and endangered species studies, threatened community and ecosystem studies, species reintroduction and habitat restoration, human impacts such as logging and agriculture, and social dimensions of conservation and livelihoods.