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96 Elephants: A Killing at the Bai

In May 2013, an elephant massacre took place at what many consider the best-protected site in Central Africa. WCS field biologist Andrea Turkalo, who has watched over the forest clearing of Dzanga Bai for more than 20 years, reflects on what this means for the future of African elephants.

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  • Support, Rebuild, Transform

    After Hurricane Sandy devastated WCS’s NY Aquarium, an outpouring of support helped us recover. Now, we’re redesigning and rebuilding in ways that will leave us more resilient in the future. Be part of the transformation.

  • 96 Elephants

    As demand for ivory skyrockets, poachers kill 96 elephants every day in Africa. Join the Wildlife Conservation Society to stop the killing, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand.

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